Umbilical cord tissue:
Variant - VitaPurNabelschnur

Store your child's umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue with comprehensive basic benefits for a reasonable starting price of at least 10 years. Use the full potential of current and future stem cell therapies with the variant VitaPurNabelschnur.

1,490 €plus annual fee 150 €
Minimum contract period 10 years
  • Store cord blood and umbilical cord tissue for at least 10 years
  • Choose a favourable entry-level price with VitaPurNabelschnur
  • Use all the advantages of storing umbilical cord blood plus the advantages of umbilical cord tissue
  • Starting point for the development of therapies to treat brain damage, autoimmune and metabolic diseases
  • Umbilical cord tissue can also help within the family

Our Services.

Already since 1997 parents trust the high quality and safety of all processes and areas with us. From consultation to cryopreservation of the unique stem cell source. The umbilical cord blood. Benefit from current and future stem cell therapies. For a more vibrant future for your child.

Advisory services

The careful recording and analysis of the medical family history is required by the health authorities and has the purpose of protecting your child in case the umbilical cord blood is applied. Our doctors evaluate by means of the medical history form and the findings recorded on the maternity card, whether umbilical cord blood can be collected and applied later from the medical point of view. The maternity clinic you choose will be informed accordingly.

Collection and transport of umbilical cord blood

In time prior to the delivery, we will send you the temperature-protected Vita 34 transport box containing the specifically developed collection kit, which includes the required materials to collect the blood. The Vita 34 transport box including temperature-stabilizing gel pads, isolating polystyrene box, and temperature chip optimally ensures the blood’s quality. We trained doctors and midwifes at almost all maternity clinics in Germany and we pay them for the collection afterwards. Immediately after the umbilical cord was cut, the blood from the umbilical cord is collected and transported by a specialized courier to our stem cell laboratory. Storage is possible 24/7, 365 days a year.

Preparation and storage

At the laboratory, the umbilical cord blood is processed and prepared in line with international standards and becomes first-class source material for possible application. The blood is frozen in at least six portions (one main bag, five retain samples). If the blood volume is very high, several bags are frozen at no extra charge. Then you will be sent the certificate of successful storage. Permanent storage is effected in grid-independent cryo-tanks at approximately minus 180 degrees Celsius in special freezing bags packed in a cassette. Each contract is open-end, so that your deposit can be stored for an unlimited period. Your stem cell deposit is insured by HDI Global SE, which will provide the financial funds in case of insolvency in order to continue the professional and controlled storage of your child’s stem cell preparations until age 50. This form of insurance is unique!


The donation of cord blood

Vita 34 uses your health information and specific laboratory tests to determine whether the quality and quantity of the umbilical cord blood is suitable for classification as a donation. If this is the case, the HLA characteristics of the umbilical cord blood are also determined. These are then entered pseudonymously into a public donation register together with some diagnostic data (e.g. cell content) and made available for the worldwide stem cell search. The additional costs for this donation option are covered by Vita 34. If a suitable recipient needs the umbilical cord blood, the attending physician asks Vita 34 and we obtain your consent to give the umbilical cord blood to the patient. Since the stem cell depot is then no longer available to your child, we will reimburse you in full for all costs incurred by you up to that point.

The box. Specially designed for the safest possible removal of stem cells. Sterile. Insulated against heat and cold. In time at your home. And ready for the big day. For a more vital future.

Donate cord blood

Help others and provide for your health. Learn more about the additional voluntary option of public donation.