Store Stem Cells with VitaMine&Yours

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1,990 €plus annual fee 60.00 €
  • Private storage and public donation
    at the same time
  • You pay only the fees for the storage
  • Think of yourself and others

Store and donate umbilical cord blood at the same time with the new VitaMine&Yours

Think of yourself and others

Vita 34 is the first stem cell bank to offer the possibility of combining individual healthcare provision by means of stem cells from the umbilical cord and public donation for others. With the new VitaMine&Yours, Vita 34 is able to store two fully-fledged stem cell deposits from the collected umbilical cord blood, if the quantity is sufficient. The deposit intended for individual precaution is available at any time for personal application. The second deposit is provided for public donation. Thus, the great potential of stem cells from the umbilical cord benefits your own child and others. Vita 34 bears the additional costs of the donation option. You pay only the fees for the storage of your child’s umbilical cord blood.

The quantity of umbilical cord blood collected depends on individual influencing factors. Blood volume and cell count may vary considerably. A minimum quantity is required to set up a private deposit and to donate publicly, which can be collected only in a portion of all collections according to our experience. This is finally determined only after the collected blood was tested at the laboratory.

The Vita 34 service commitment

  • Advisory services

    • Detailed anamnesis
    • Evaluation by in-house doctors

    The careful recording and analysis of the medical family history is required by the health authorities and has the purpose of protecting your child in case the umbilical cord blood is applied. Our doctors evaluate by means of the medical history form and the findings recorded on the maternity card, whether umbilical cord blood can be collected and applied later from the medical point of view. The maternity clinic you choose will be informed accordingly.

  • Collection and transport of umbilical cord blood

    • Collection of umbilical cord blood including payment of personnel
    • Training of delivery team by Vita 34
    • Transport in temperature-protected collection package by specialized courier

    In time prior to the delivery, we will send you the temperature-protected Vita 34 transport box containing the specifically developed collection kit, which includes the required materials to collect the blood. The Vita 34 transport box including temperature-stabilizing gel pads, isolating polystyrene box, and temperature chip optimally ensures the blood’s quality. We trained doctors and midwifes at almost all maternity clinics in Germany and we pay them for the collection afterwards. Immediately after the umbilical cord was cut, the blood from the umbilical cord is collected and transported by a specialized courier to our stem cell laboratory. Storage is possible 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Preparation and storage

    • Processing at Vita 34 laboratory
    • Computer-controlled cryo-preservation and unlimited storage in grid-independent stainless steel tanks
    • Insured by HDI Global SE

    At the laboratory, the umbilical cord blood is processed and prepared in line with international standards and becomes first-class source material for possible application. The blood is frozen in at least six portions (one main bag, five retain samples). If the blood volume is very high, several bags are frozen at no extra charge. Then you will be sent the certificate of successful storage. Permanent storage is effected in grid-independent cryo-tanks at approximately minus 180 degrees Celsius in special freezing bags packed in a cassette. Each contract is open-end, so that your deposit can be stored for an unlimited period. Your stem cell deposit is insured by HDI Global SE, which will provide the financial funds in case of insolvency in order to continue the professional and controlled storage of your child’s stem cell preparations until age 50. This form of insurance is unique!

    • Quality tests according to internal and official requirements
    • Communication and explanation of findings

    The Federal Institute of the Federal Ministry of Health licenses the storage and application of stem cells from umbilical cord blood only under strict conditions. The maternal and the umbilical blood are tested carefully for compliance with the required quality parameters. The results make sure that the stem cell deposit can be applied in case of disease. The quality tests take several weeks and comprise the following relevant steps:

    Umbilical cord blood:

    • Nucleated cell count
    • Blood typing
    • Sterility check
    • Infection markers (HIV 1 RNA, hepatitis C RNA, hepatitis B DNA, parvovirus B19 DNA, cytomegaly virus DNA)

    Maternal blood:

    • HIV 1/2 antibodies/p24 antigen
    • TP antibodies
    • Hepatitis Bs antigen, hepatitis Bc antibodies, hepatitis C antibodies
    • HTLV I/II antibodies

    Vita 34 will send you the test results and is available at any time if you have questions.

  • Included Vita 34 services

    • Up to 7,000 Euro family allowance in case of application
    • Tissue typing
    • Transport of stem cell deposit to treatment center at no extra charge
    • Price guarantee for further storages
    • Minimum 150 Euro loyalty bonus and special conditions

    If the stem cells are applied within the bounds of cancer therapy during the first twenty years of life of your child, Vita 34 will pay you one-time 7,000 Euro. Before the cord blood stem cells are applied within the family, Vita 34 bears the costs of the necessary tests (HLA typing). If the stem cells of your child are applied, you will be supported comprehensively. Vita 34 helps you filling out the forms and talking to doctors. The mobile stem cell team of Vita 34 transports the cryo-preserved stem cells in a special container to the doctor/other user (at no extra charge in Germany) and takes care of the professional preparation of the stem cells.

    If you set up a stem cell deposit for another child within five years, Vita 34 guarantees the same price as for the first storage and unchanged performance – irrespective of possible price adjustments in the meantime.

    The price for the second stem cell deposit is reduced by 150 Euro, for the third storage by 300 Euro, and for the fourth storage by 450 Euro. As of the fifth storage, the deposit is exempt from charges except for the annual fee. For twins, the contract fee for the second child amounts to only 50 percent, it does not apply at all for the third and any further child in case of multiple births.

    • Quality tests according to internal and official requirements
    • Communication and explanation of findings
  • Procedure of donation of cord blood

    • Test of suitability of umbilical cord blood for donation
    • Forwarding of anonymized data to a public donor registry
    • Doctor sends a request, if a patient needs and stem cell preparation and the HLA characteristics match

    On the basis of your medical data and lab tests, Vita 34 checks whether quality and volume of the umbilical cord blood are suited for donation and storage. The HLA type, which is important for the donation, is determined additionally. If the results comply with the strict requirements of a stem cell donation, the data are anonymized, registered in a public donor registry and provided for the worldwide stem cell search. Vita 34 bears the additional costs of this donation option. You pay only the fees for the storage of your child’s umbilical cord blood.

    • Quality tests according to internal and official requirements
    • Communication and explanation of findings
  • Financing

    • Financing by our partner TEBA-Kreditbank
    • Individually tailored financing options

    In collaboration with our experienced longtime partner TEBA-Kreditbank, we offer individual financing options tailored to your personal situation. Call the customer service (00800 034 00 000) or continue reading to get information here.

    • Quality tests according to internal and official requirements
    • Communication and explanation of findings

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