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Storage cordblood

Umbilical … what?

Successful stem cell therapies from umbilical cord blood are not a vision for the future. They are already being applied to treat numerous diseases. The valuable stem cells can be collected only at birth.

Tissue … what?

Umbilical cord tissue contains a great number of mesenchymal stem cells and is therefore of interest to stem cell therapies. Storing cord blood and cord tissue provides you with the double power of stem cells.

Vita … who?

Vita 34 has been storing stem cells from the umbilical cord for preventive medical care for more than 21 years. We want to help people to sustain and restore their health. And not just that – we want to help them provide for a healthy future.

Good reasons for a stem cell depot - and why you should set it up

  1. The stem cells from your child’s umbilical cord are unique. They are particularly young and viable - and easy to extract.
  2. Stem cells are a valuable source material for medical cell therapies. Every seventh person will need stem cells for the treatment of diseases.
  3. Stem cells take the center of scientific research. Clinical studies conducted worldwide constantly test and introduce new therapeutic options.
  4. Stem cells from the umbilical cord have an almost unlimited life. Cryo-preserving them maintains their valuable properties.
  5. Stem cells from umbilical cord blood are being applied successfully. Today, they help in the treatment of more than 100 diseases.

How does it work?

Information and advice

Look into detailed information on the website, ask the customer service, or read the guidebook and choose the offer that suits you. We send you the collection package when the contract is signed.

Birth and collection

Take the collection kit with you to the hospital at birth. After the umbilical cord was cut, the cord blood or cord tissue will be collected and stored professionally.

Processing and storage

The stem cells will be tested, process in premium quality, and stored at our clean room laboratory. Henceforth, the important stem cells are available for application or therapy.

Hello. Do you need further information?

Our guidebook for parents contains comprehensive information on the subject of cord blood storage. Order the guidebook by mail at no charge and without any obligation.

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